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Food  by Daria

Having founded my own catering company in 2003 during a decade of residency in Madrid, Spain, I love to offer my customers the opportunity to enjoy a unique dining experience forged from my many travels throughout the five continents.

Then and now I offer creative, healthy, delicious cuisine combining authentic flavours in a burst of multicultural hues.

Food by Daria prefers to select a range of flavours tailored to the occasion. I have one goal: satisfying my guests while they discover creative cuisine that they will not forget. I have one inspiration : the art of fine cuisine.

One of my greatest pleasures has always been entertaining friends from different cultures, social classes and styles at home and cooking for them under a friendly relaxed atmosphere, candle lit and comfortable. I extend this to my clients with each and every event I do. My motto is very simple: "I don't DO mediocre!"

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